About Us

On a pastoral hill in the heart of the green lower Galilee resides Kibbutz Moran. The unique Galilean scenery which surrounds Moran on all sides can be viewed from nearly every spot in the kibbutz, while many natural wonders and heritage sites are located nearby. The kibbutz got it’s name from the beautiful Moran bush, and since it was founded in 1977 by a group of young folks who were encouraged to settle in the Galilee, Kibbutz Moran has been a tranquil home for it’s residents, and a pleasantly sweet haven for the many guests that come to visit and/or enjoy an overnight stay in our lodging rooms.

A new communal neighborhood was built alongside the original kibbutz and was first inhabited in 2005. Today the entire kibbutz is populated by 125 families which act as an official type of community union. Kibbutz Moran offers exceptionally beautiful and pleasant lodging rooms as well as a number of other attractions such as a brew-pub, clothing store, bakery and cafe, therapeutic treatments, art galleries, a small chocolate factory, and of course our unmistakable swimming pool – located on the mountainside and surrounded by stunning wide open views in all directions.

Here in Moran we emphasize the preservation of nature and the surrounding landscape, and have within our grounds an organized recycling center. The nature enthusiasts interested in a Galilean vacation full of trips and adventures, can expect marvelous hiking trails all around our kibbutz, in addition to the Kineret (sea of Galilee) basin located just a short drive away; while the history buffs will enjoy easy accessibility to a variety of heritage sites, from the holy burial sites of Tzadikkim to the ancient cities of Akko and Zefat. You can read in length about these destinations and many more here on our website. Hope to see you soon

– Kibbutz Moran