Galilee Brewery

The local brew house offers a true treat in the form of quality beers which are brewed on location, in addition to the largest selection of Israeli micro-brewery boutique beers!

Beer isn’t just recreational – it’s a culture within itself.  That’s the epiphany Mr. Alon Riftin had; a pilot who often visited the U.S., where he was exposed to the existence of brew pubs. In 2006, as the result of a personal acquaintance with Avihai Greenberg (Carlsbergs’ brew master), Alon took his first steps into the world of home-brewing, a world he proved to be quite talented and proficient in as his beers took part in prestigious competitions (Samuel Adams, Long Shot) and even rewarded him with several prizes.

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Bread & Cake

A small Galilean bakery specializing in all-natural sourdough breads, which are baked daily and distributed throughout the region. The breads are baked in a stone-floor oven, using only the finest ingredients free of preservatives, additives, yeast and oil.

Gal Levi, who founded the bakery in March of 2012, believes bread to be one of the most basic and fundamental foods, and therefore should be a healthy, high standard product sold at a fair price.

The bakery also sells delicious cookies, yeast cakes, chalas, buns and various tasty freshly made pastries.

The ‘Bread & Cake’ cafe opens every morning excluding Sundays, and serves exquisite sandwiches, fresh baked pastries and quality coffee on a daily basis, as well as a delicious breakfast menu on Fridays only.
Kosher Mehadrin.

For group scheduling, call: 04-6988992

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The artists that live and create here in Moran invite you to meet them and their art in a relaxed rural atmosphere in the various galleries scattered throughout the kibbutz. This is a great opportunity to get a closer look and perhaps even learn a bit about some of the procedures and techniques involved in the different art forms, as well as purchase the kind of artifacts/garments/jewelry you may fancy, so that they keep ornamenting your lives long after your vacation is over, and serve as a wonderful memento from your time in the Galilee (:

Here’s a list of the artists and galleries in Moran:

1. Miriam – Jewelry Gallery
Once an art teacher, today an artist making unique silver jewelry. Miriam: 050-6545939

2. Eti Mikler-Abergel \\ Art Gallery – Paintings & Sculptures
A painter etching drawings and sculpture artist in paper mache.
Eti: 050-7434987

3. “Glass Wonders”
Glass-fusion works for sale, as well as the possibility of a lesson or workshop with Ditza. The studio is located near the lodging office.
Ditza: 050-3717475

4. “Gifts of a personal scent”
Second hand items and hand-made gifts.
Smadar: 050-7405787

5. Shlomi Haggai – Art Gallery
For scheduling: 04-9887983 or 052-3826299 cell

6. Ella Tzyler – Rural Painting
Ella paints on various house ware and kitchenware items made of metal, wood, and glass. Her paintings are characterized by oriental floral ornamentations.
For scheduling: 077-2342388

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Chocolate Hagalil

A small yet first class chocolate factory specializing in fine candies and chocolate creations from the artistic hands of chocolatier Motti Shalev. Motti’s path began as a pastry chef over 20 years ago, and as the years went by he chose to focus on his greatest love – chocolate.

His studies and training led him to Canada, where he met his wife Karen, and together they fulfilled their dream of moving to Israel and opening “Galil Chocolate” right here in Moran.

The elegant chocolate cups are undoubtedly an art form within themselves, while the pralines have garnered the reputation of champions due to Motti’s expertise in the different techniques involved, and his strict usage of only the finest of ingredients.

Everyone loves a dose of pleasure… so do yourself a flavorful favor and treat yourself to an inside look at the creation process of one of the greatest pleasures of them all – chocolate. Kosher Mehadrin.

For info and scheduling, contact Karen: 04-6890818 or 052-5776301


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Dining Room

This is Moran’s original communal dining room that served the entire kibbutz daily for many years. Now, as a result of the privatization process our kibbutz has undergone in recent years the residents eat separately in their private homes while the dining room serves guests only.

Every morning between 8:00 am – 9:30 am, all guests are invited to treat themselves to our dairy based breakfast buffet which includes a variety of pastries, salads, cheeses, fish, hot beverages and more.

In the remainder of the time we recommend dining in any of the many culinary establishments in our area (check out the restaurant page here on our website), though you are also welcomed to order in, via the local catering service with which we co-operate.

For groups only – we offer the option of contacting us in advance to schedule a group dinner in the dining room.

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Swimmimg Pool

The wide open view of the beautiful Galilean landscape that surrounds gives the pool area the added value of an inspiring vista point that combines pastoral tranquility with the fun of playing and swimming in the cool water.

The pool itself is 25 meters in length, with chairs and tables available poolside, while all around are lush lawns which are kept neat and clean and are perfect for a picnic or some quiet relaxation. There’s also a shaded toddler pool for the young ones.

A lifeguard is always on duty, keeping watch and assuring everyone abides by the safety and behavioral regulations, so that an enjoyable time can be had by all.

The pool is open during the summer months only.

You are welcomed to contact us for more information and details concerning specific events.

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A short drive from our kibbutz you’ll be able to choose from a varied selection of restaurants and culinary establishments of all sorts.

Here are 4 recommended restaurants out of the many possibilities:

1.  Ein Kamonim

‘Ein Kamonim’ specializes in raising some of the finest goat breeds in the world. The herd herds in a natural meadow and gets milked each morning and evening. The boutique dairy operating next door to the goat pen is considered a leader in her field.

The dairy produces 30 different cheeses rich with the knowledge and aroma of the French, as well as self-developed specialty cheeses. All cheeses are based purely on the wholesome pasteurized goat milk provided by the local herd, and are made using natural ingredients only, free of preservatives and food coloring. The factory store located on site offers the full line of products, all self-made, including the finely tuned line of ice creams added over the years.

On the other side of the dairy you’ll find the one-of-a-kind Ein Kamonim restaurant, serving an abundant selection of cheeses as well as salads and appetizers made with locally produced olive oil.

The restaurant prides itself on it’s generous hospitality and all-you-can-eat policy, in order to allow for an in-depth acquaintance with the expansive selection of cheeses.

Open all week, for info and/or reservations, call: 057-9428691

2. Rotman Restaurant

Located in the village of Lotem, at the heart of the western Galilee, the ‘Rotman’ restaurant is known for both it’s rich menu and unique character.

The owners – Maya & Amikam Rotman, offer an impressive selection of dishes commonly named  “Galilean food”, which include meats, dairy, salads and deserts.

Rotmans’ menu has something for everyone, while the surrounding views and unique interior design provide a beautifully eclectic scenery that may make you feel like you’re in another land…(:

Next door to the restaurant you’ll find ‘Maya’s Market’, a small store offering a surprising mix of odd tide-bits maya collected while traveling around the globe, in addition to some hand-made clothes for women.

Open all day – everyday.
For info and/or reservations, call: 04-6778884

3. Abu Rami Hummus

In the town of Kfar Rama awaits one of the best hummus eateries in the country.

The flavorful Galilean hummus served at Abu Rami’s is known far and wide, as well as the popular kebabs and the warm and generous hospitality bestowed upon all visitors.

As soon as you are seated you’ll be served an array of salads and dips that are a celebration for the senses, and combined with their small delicious falafels and a bowl of tabouleh covered with freshly cut herbs, you’ll be able to enjoy a rich and satisfying meal. The food is served quickly, efficiently, and at low prices.

Open all day – everyday.
For info and/or reservations, call: 050-7709663

4. The Bat Yaar Ranch Restaurant

A mixture of dense forest and stunning vista points will welcome you as you near the ‘Bat Yaar’ ranch located in the Biriyah forest, 800 meters above sea level.

The ranch’s restaurant, made of wooden beams, is an exceptional vista point in itself, overlooking the Hahula valley, surrounding settlements, Golan ridge and the Hermon mountain.

The ranch chooses prime fresh cuts of veal, each piece receiving special, professional, personal attention. The meat passes a special natural aging process, and when it’s time – the grill man cuts the meat for each order, weighs it, and finally cooks it on our flamed charcoal grill.

During the winter months, the restaurant is heated with a large log fire, while in the hot summer… we have air-conditioning.

Customers are seated around wooden tables while country music plays in the background.

Open all week.
For info and/or reservations, call: 057-9443155 extension #1

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Vacation time is the best time for some serious pampering! Whether you come to rest, or seek out adventures, we’re sure a good massage or a relaxing treatment will only do you some good.

The following is a list of therapists who reside in Moran or nearby, and offer an array of treatments and massages.

Some of the therapists will gladly come to your room in case you’re intent on staying in.

1. Yaffa Camri

Aromatic massage, reflexology, natural cosmetics, hot stones and more… For scheduling: 04-6988941 or 050-5808070 cell

2. Maxim & Sophia

Two Wingate graduates offering a variety of massages: medicinal, Swedish, Thai, honey, and hot stones.

All in the privacy of your room as they bring their own massage table (great as a surprise!) For info and scheduling: 04-8449069 or 052-2011535 cell


3. “The Wonders of the Touch” – Bella Ilan, kibbutz Farod

Reflexology, infant massage, hot stones and Swedish massage.
For scheduling: 057–3452040 cell

4. “Similan Thai Spa” –  in Kfar Hananya

Thai massage either in Kfar Hananya or in your room for your convenience. For scheduling: 052-2512537

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